BNI Uckfield: East Sussex National Golf Resort & Spa - 1st July 2009

This morning I attended BNI Uckfield which is a business networking group of up to 40 individuals representing companies from across Sussex & Kent. I am now proud to call myself a member.

Meetings are held at the East Sussex National Golf Resort & Spa just outside Uckfield and the room is lovely and light, the breakfasts are delicious, orange juice with ice (yum), and fabulous loos (I know that seems like an odd 'pro' but I've always linked nice loos with a good venue overall).

Each week one of the members gives a 10-minute presentation about their products and/or services and this morning it was Brian Moores of Business Essentials Ltd who provide stationery, computer supplies and office furniture. Brian focused on extremely comfortable office chairs and I have to say they were very impressive and I now have one on my shopping list. [Whenever I see office chairs in stationery company brochures in blue, red or black my heart sinks. Pledge, who supply Business Essentials, not only make quality chairs, but they also do them in funky colours like yellow & orange... brilliant]

Here's Brian in action - ignore the blue fabric!

I spend around 80% of my working time in front of my computer so a comfortable chair is vital. I also spend nearly £500 a year on osteopath visits to keep my back in good shape so this should be a good tie in to ensure that I look after myself.

Do telephone Brian on 01342 825025 if you need a good quality chair for you or your employees.

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