Charlie & Nicky's Pre-Wedding

I was introduced to Charlie & Nicky by Peter & Caroline whose wedding I covered last year at Leeds Castle - I LOVE referrals... and even better that Nicky & Charlie were actually there last year which means they've seen me in action.

Anyway, I was very much hoping that when it came around to their pre-wedding session that Junior, their lovely 16-year old Jack Russell, would still be around and he was! So we met up in Godstone and took some shots with Junior who tired out pretty quickly but was fabulous. A total star. And then I went to meet Nicky's lovely horse called Dennis who was full of character and hysterical. It was lovely to meet them both and I think that the shots of the animals will look wonderful in their eventual wedding album.

Onwards to
Nymans which looked stunning and I am so grateful to the staff for giving us permission to take a few shots in and around the gardens. It was a great place to work and both Charlie & Nicky had me in stiches the whole session. In fact there was one point where I thought I might even deafen myself through laughing so much. I had a real blast and it wasn't like working at all.

Do click on the photograph below to see a mini-version of what we got up to. Once in the slideshow view do click on the shopping basket (bottom right) to see all of the pictures from our afternoon. The password is Nicky's surname.

Huge thanks to you both, to Nicky's Parents for collecting a very tired Junior and to the staff at Nymans allowing us access to these beautiful gardens. See you next month!

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