Pre-Wedding Shoot #10 - Caroline & Peter

A couple of weeks ago I caught up with Caroline & Peter for a delicious lunch (thanks guys). It was great to catch up with all of your exciting news.

We then headed off to Wakehurst Place for some chilled out shots in and around the gardens and house. [Click on image to see their slideshow]

They were both totally relaxed and easygoing from the start which made getting some really lovely shots very easy. I think it helps that Caroline was a bridesmaid at one of my 2007 weddings which meant that she already knew how I worked. We were blessed with some fine weather too so it really brought the best out of the locations.

I have a feeling that the three of us will have a great time at Leeds Castle next month and I promise to try and keep my voice down. If any of your guests hear me going on about snuggling from afar I apologise in advance!

Thanks for being great fun and see you very soon.

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