Wedding Sample A: Civil Ceremony & Hotel Reception

Last year I covered this wonderful wedding at the Hotel du Vin in Tunbridge Wells and I have to say that it's by far and away my favourite hotel locally because of it's great atmosphere and amazing food. Click on the image to check out Emma & Mark's day - hopefully it shows just how beautiful the Abbey Well looks both for the ceremony and then for the sit down meal.

I would describe my style as fresh, stylish and classic. I like the traditions of weddings and I'm a big fan of love & laughter. I like capturing the little gestures and details that show the fun and exuberance of each couple's day.

There is a new style of photography that is really catching on here in the UK and it's based on the work of a very talented photographer in Australia called Yervant. It's truly astounding - highly directed and very polished afterwards in Photoshop. It's suited to couples who are happy to take between one and three hours out of their day for some artistic posing. I take my hat off to him for his sense of artistry but his style will never be me.

I generally work with couples who don't want a big song and dance made of their photography. I keep things really simple.
And because I'm not a follower of current trends I'd like to think that you could show my album in ten, twenty or even thirty years time and the images will remain fresh & timeless.

Clients and their friends tell me that I am very unobtrusive and that's because I prefer a documentary approach for much of the day. Of course there are times where I do need to direct events but I'm extremely guest friendly.

If you are getting married in a church followed by a reception in a marquee do see the next blog entry for an alternative slideshow.

Do call me on 01342 811631 to discuss your wedding plans.

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