Sussex Air Ambulance Fundraiser

Coming back from Chiddingstone last night I was blown away (quite literally) by the most amazing house along my route.

I decided that it definitely needed a photograph so braved the cold to take the picture. Now I know that this house raises money all year round for the Sussex Air Ambulance but I only had a cheque book with me so went up to the house to see where the donations box was to see if putting a cheque through would work. The minute I arrived a Father Christmas began to sing and suddenly I was covered in foam from two snow machines mounted on either side of the house, along with wind machines. It was hysterical - I couldn't believe that they had sensors!

Of course I soon discovered that the householder had been watching me from inside the house and set it off as I approached. Still... full marks for a brilliant display & well done with last year's donations of £500. I'm pretty sure they'll top that this year.

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