Why Do You Need a Good Head Shot?

If you're a business person first impressions count. Often potential clients will have looked at you and your company on the Internet. People can then start building a relationship with you without you even needing to be involved. Imagine how great it would feel to walk in for the first time to be met by a reassuring smile because they already know what you look like. Much more friendly.

It amazes me when I see a great product or service with a cool website and when I click on 'About Us' there are no photographs. It immediately renders the company faceless. All the stuff I read about how, 'it's the people who make our business' goes to pot.

I've been working with a couple of companies recently on image and it's been brilliant fun. One of these will be appearing soon on BBC2's Dragons' Den. I won't ruin it for you by letting on whether or not they won the Dragons' support but do have a look at what we did in terms of photography - both for the very wonderful Managing Director, Sammy French, in the 'About Us' section, and for her Fit-Fur-Life dog treadmill. [Click on image to see more]

And finally, here a few of the head shots I've done recently. The unsmiling ones are generally for writers and performers so don't be put off! [Click on image for larger version]

So if you're thinking of a face-lift (not literally of course) do give me a call on 01342 811631.

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