Pre-Wedding Shoot #8 - Juliet & Steve

My last pre-wedding shoot of 2007 was with Steve & Juliet who were very game - great fun and happy to let me experiment. I've told them that they will have their revenge on their wedding day, as I only spend 20 minutes on their bride & groom portraits (I bet they can't wait!) [Click on the image below to see their slideshow and then click on the shopping basket to see all of their shots from the shoot]

Anyway, we met at the South Bank in London and I was very excited to see James McAvoy buying his sandwich just ahead of us in the queue at EAT. I've only recently seen The Last King of Scotland in which he starred with Forest Whitaker and although the later walked off with all of the awards I can't honestly see why James McAvoy didn't even get nominated. He would have been my vote for an Oscar for his stunning performance. He was breathtaking.

Back to the shoot and we decided to take a walk around the South Bank, across the bridge to the Embankment, and finally to Trafalgar Square. I have always wanted to get up and sit on those lions but never dared. I'll warn you now they're pretty hard to actually get up to so I think I'll hang on for a ladder for my go. But Steve & Juliet were very game and so I finally have my shot of someone with the lions! We retraced our steps to capture some shots in front of the London Eye & House of Parliament which look stunning at night.

Thanks so much you two for being such fun and I look forward to seeing you at your wedding next month.

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