Window Light

Anyone who knows me and my preferred style of shooting will appreciate that I LOVE natural light. While I think that studios turn out beautifully lit work I've always been a much bigger fan of using natural or available light.

It means that I can work in people's homes which makes them feel really comfortable and relaxed. It also means that we can take time outs and work around feeding and sleeping for babies and small children. All in all it makes for a far more pleasurable experience and also makes the final product really unique to each family.

With this little girl I'm afraid that I had to resort to chocolate bribery (sorry mums!) between shots because she was getting a bit tired. But it was well worth the wait...

The family ended up ordering this as a large canvas print hung on a taupe coloured wall in their sitting room - a stunning piece with an almost painterly feel and all it took was one window and a beautiful subject.

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