Old Ardinian Society Website Photographs

I have just finished a very interesting project for the Old Ardinians (old boys and girls of Ardingly College, Haywards Heath). Do click on the image to see the work.

The brief was to produce images that evoked the sights, smells and sounds of the school and it's surrounds. They wanted the images to really take people back to their school days & hopefully I have succeeded in that aim.

I am very grateful to all the School for letting me document the seasons in particular to the Headmasters, Mr Franklin and Mr Green, Mr Waitson & Ms Paulfeierborn. I also must thank Mrs Winters, Mr Caldicot & Jack, Mr Crowe & Ms Singer plus the 1st XI football team, Mrs King & Mrs Roberts, Ms Marara & Mr Blunden, and last but certainly not least, Dale.

Thanks also to Mark Keatley-Palmer of the OA Society for his guidance and to Andrew Adamson at webadvertising. I wish the OAs much success with their fabulous new website and hope that it creates a wonderful forum for all of the old boys and girls.

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Sarah Wright said...

Great pictures. Love the night shot. Sarah.