Steph & Gavin's Wedding - The Barn at Greens Farm, Newdigate (Surrey)

When I first met Steph & Gavin in February I just loved the sound of their day at the Old Greens Barn at Greens Farm in Newdigate. I wasn't quite sure what to expect from the venue - I think that thought I was quite mad when I asked about trees and tractors!

Simply click on the image below and click on the 'play' button to see their mini slideshow. To see all of their pictures, once in the slideshow view, click on the shopping basket and when prompted the password is Gavin & Steph's surname (case sensitive).

I started out at Steph's Mother's home where the girls were busy getting ready and I spied some of Ann's cake which drew my eye slightly. I had lunch with the families the day before and Ann's tiramasu is now stored in my brain and highlighted 'top 10 all time puddings'! I was so excited when I saw Steph's 1950s inspired dress as I have always wanted to photograph a calf length wedding dress. She looked absolutely stunning and her bouquet matched the overall look to perfection.

On to the Barn and Gavin, Geoff and family. I can't believe how gorgeous the decorations in the Barn were - just wonderful and the chairs matched the beams so beautifully. And then guests started arriving and filling the courtyard with excited chatter and lots of smiles. Steph arrived with Ann in a classic Jaguar and they walked into the Barn and down the aisle towards Gavin who was smiling broadly. The ceremony was personal and handled brilliantly by my favourite humanist celebrant, Martin Wooller, who I had the pleasure of working with back in 2007. Lovely readings from Rach & Izzy and a real buzz of joy from the assembled guests.

Out into the courtyard, glass of champagne and a few portraits around the dilapidated barns which were just perfect for photographs as their weather-beaten feel contrasted so well with Steph & Gavin's smart and elegant look. Champagne and canapes while I photographed the marquee and then suddenly huge cheers which made me think, 'what on earth am I missing?' A few minutes later I realised it was the confetti... ooops. Speedy confetti collection on my part, hysterical family groups (thanks for your patience everyone), and then the cake cutting with an everyone shot just before the meal was announced. And then everyone very sweetly threw confetti again and I feel so guilty as it went EVERYWHERE (looked fab though) and I spent the evening noticing it in everyone's hair and clothing.

Ann, Gavin and Geoff spoke to everyone in the marquee and raised so many smiles and laughs from everyone. The meal was delicious and provided by caterers from Wales who Gavin used to work with many years ago. It made it really personal and fun. And then the amazing band who had come up from Wales too. They really were fantastic - do check them out - Nancy & the Hitmen. I had asked Steph & Gavin about what kind of dance they were planning on and they kept VERY quite about the fact that they had learned a few pretty nifty moves. It was a stunning 1st dance and I was blown away. Apparently enough for me to do a combat roll without realising. How utterly embarrassing!

I left just as the party was in full swing and drove home happy and elated by a very special day. Thanks for having me there and I hope you like your photos. Lots of love and thanks. E xxx

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