Simon & Jackie - Couple Photography, East Grinstead (West Sussex)

You really HAVE to check out The Best DJ in Town if you ever need a DJ for your event. I have worked with Simon on many occassions and he is the only DJ service that I recommend to clients. He is really a cut above the competition - he is totally reliable, dresses smartly, and is a pleasure to work with. I've seen him with clients and they all just love him.

You know those DJs who decide to take over your event with incessant chat in a weird DJ voice, or who play music that only they like (eg. rap or rave music when the average age of guests is 60), or who tell crude jokes etc. etc. Well Simon is the total opposite. I've seen him in action - he watches people to see how they respond to particular songs and then works his magic to keep everyone on the dance floor. He is totally brilliant. A genius. Do be aware that he gets booked up way in advance of most DJs so do ring him as early as possible.

Anyway, we updated his headshot and Jackie came along too so I grabbed them both. They are both very smiley happy people so I'm not sure that asking them not to smile was a good idea but I really like the results. Of course Simon can't not smile for long and obviously his headshot needed to look friendly so here it is. Hope you like it!

Thanks for coming along, and it was a pleasure to finally meet Jackie. You make a great team. x

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