Hollie - Children's Portrait Photographer in West Sussex

You can't help but be cheered when Hollie is around - she has the most wonderful personality. Very open and fun with a real sense of adventure, although I'm pretty sure that her Mum & Dad do worry about that last one! She was fascinated with my camera case and I thought that at one point I might have to sit for my very own portrait.

Once we'd set up her toys and teapot (it sings - fab) Hollie duly obliged for this really adorable shot.

And of the family shots I love Hollie expression in this one (sorry to Mum & Dad that they don't appear in full... please don't take offence. I am just a bit bogged down with editing at the moment & I like that Hollie is the star of the show!)

I am delighted to be working with Carolyn & David for their wedding next year and can't wait to see how much Hollie will have grown. It's going to be a fantastic day - I'm really looking forward to it. [Thanks Jon for the introduction - I am so grateful & will see you next year]

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