Rupert & His Amazing Collection of Giraffes - Family & Baby Portrait Photography (East Grinstead, West Sussex)

Oh, I do love it when a plan comes together. Here is the adorable Rupert and his wonderful collection of giraffes. I had this photo in my mind but to actually have Rupert looking directly at me and the giraffes all looking pretty smart too... well... how totally fab!

And here are a couple with Rupert in his spectacular frog sleeping gear. I love this one of him looking up at Mum - so adorable.

Rupert has gorgeous hair so we mussed it up a bit for this one. He took it in his stride and even grinned to give it the full cute factor.

Thanks Gemma & Giles - you rocked it guys - I am so grateful for your energy & think that you have a little star on your hands. x

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