Family Portrait Photography + Dogs, West Sussex

I always struggle when someones tries to take a photograph of me but put me with my dog, Fred, and I'm fine. I see him as a prop really. All I care about then is that Fred looks good in the photograph and I think that's how parents feel about their own children and often ask me only to photograph the kids. It's the same with family pets - once you put a dog in the shot everyone relaxes... it's amazing.

So here are a couple of recent doggie shots or Martina and her family with their two Labradors, and one of Julie & Dave with the very beautiful Lily & Bentley.

Julie & Dave asked me not to include them so I just love this one of the two dogs looking up at them with such enormous love. Perfect... just what I was after.

Thanks to both families - I had a ball. x

P.S. Will post a few more of the girls soon as they were amazing.

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