Poppy & Max

Every now and again I photograph a baby who just gives it the big grin right on cue and Poppy was definitely one of those babies. She was a total sweatheart and Max was so cute and cool just sitting there with her. Thanks Max. But I thought I'd better also point out that it's not always plain sailing and the hat was just a step too far. I love how children tear hats off because they REALLY don't want them anywhere near their head. My little sister Vic used to do the same thing - I'll never forget us trying to put a yellow plastic hat with eyes on her for a photo and she went crazy. Sorry to embarrass you... but it WAS funny.

Check out Poppy's joy in these two black & whites...

"No Mum! Not the hat... please... don't do it to me."

"Hey, Max, maybe if I just keep my head down they'll leave me alone?" "I feel for you, Poppy... I'll keep mine down too."

"Ahhhh, that's better. No hat means 'I'm ready for my close up now' - hey, Max, 'let's do it!'"

Thanks so much to Poppy & Max for being fabulous to work with and big thanks to Mum & Dad too. I bet you were both shattered!?

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