Joanna & Alan's Wedding - Cotswold House, Chipping Campden - Gloucestershire

Sorry for the delay everyone, especially all those in Perth. Here, at long last, are Joanna & Alan's photographs.

click on the image below and click on the 'play' button to see their mini slideshow. To see all of their pictures, once in the slideshow view, click on the shopping basket and when prompted the password is Alan's surname (case sensitive).

The celebrations kicked off on Friday evening with a quiz which was a great idea as it meant everyone met up before the big day. On Saturday everyone was rearing to go and Joanna and the girls got ready at Cotswold House with lots of laughing and very little fuss... except for the overflowing shower going all over the enormous bag of inflatables (more on them later!)

Alan headed off to the church to meet guests from all corners of the World and Joanna turned up bang on time, looking absolutely stunning as she walked down the aisle with her Father. It was a lovely and personal service conducted by Father Brennan at St Catherine with readings from Susan & Loli and prayers from Elena & Jonathan. I did laugh when I saw a photo of Father Brennan's two dachshunds in pride of place in front of the Register!

Prize to speediest ever recession definitely goes to these two - very surprised I managed to get them at all! [Biggest smile from Groom could also go to Alan I think] A few groups at the church before they jumped into their car and out and up to the stunning Landmark buildings swiftly followed by Nicola, Emma, Javier & Alan in a very sleek Aston Martin + some pink champagne. We worked our way back through Chipping Campden (via the East Banqueting House, the Alms Houses, and the Market Hall) arriving back at Cotswold House for a quick drink with everyone on the lawn. The meal looked delicious and was interspersed with brilliant speeches from Simon, John, Alan, Nicola (in which I cried... as did the videographer's wife - nice one Nicola!) and finally Joanna & Alan, who finally claimed his kiss (forbidden earlier by Father Brennan) to much cheering. Cake cutting and a bit of last minute inflatable blowing up... before Alan & Joanna hit the dance floor with a really nifty routine surrounded by popping flashbulbs.

And then everyone went totally and absolutely crazy on the dancefloor with fantastic inflatable hats, microphones, koalas, kangaroos (can you tell Joanna's an Aussie yet? Check out the furry koala in the car as they leave church) and numerous other insane inflatable props. Big tip to anyone planning a party - really, these have to be the best idea ever. Suddenly eveyone was wearing crazy plastic hats, playing plastic saxophones/guitars and singing like crazy lunatics into plastic microphones. All ninety guests were on the dancefloor immediately and they didn't move for the hour I was there. I grabbed a last shot of Joanna & Alan outside and left Chipping Campden with a lovely warm-hearted feeling.

The people of Chipping Campden couldn't have been more helpful, welcoming and lovely during my two days there - and the staff at Cotswold House are completely amazing and go straight in to the top of my service and style awards for wedding venues.

Thanks for being so welcoming you two and for making my day such fun. You, Nicola, Emma, Javier, and Alan + your families & friends were all so lovely and a joy to photograph. x

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