Simon & Donna's Wedding at Park House Hotel in Midhurst, West Sussex - 26th April 2008

Well, I could hardly believe it... It rained in the days leading up to the day and it rained in days that followed, but on Saturday 26th April the sun shone from early morning until sunset. Truly amazing.

Click on the image to watch a mini-slideshow. To see all of the images click on the shopping basket (bottom right of slideshow). The password is Donna's maiden name and is case sensitive.

I started off with Donna at her Mum's home where the girls were in full swing with hair, make-up, dresses, shoes and lovely sausage rolls all creating a buzz, albeit in a very organised manner. Everything certainly looked like it was going to plan and I have to say that Donna's dress and the gorgeous roses were stunning. She looked fabulous.

[It was great to see Sarah A again who was a bridesmaid at Anna & Steve's wedding last year - I think she was used to my silliness which made me giggle]

I managed the one hour drive to Midhurst without meeting too many tractors thank goodness. The guys all looked very dapper when I arrived, and the guests were all present and correct. A brilliant video made up of photographs of Donna & Simon when they were little and some more recent ones of them on their travels had everyone rolling in the aisles... hysterical.

After the ceremony, and once the photos were over, everyone sat down and enjoyed a delicious meal and were highly entertained with speeches from Carolyn, John, Simon and finally Ben. Donna's reactions were classic. Cake cutting allowed time for the band to set up and then everyone boogied away until the early hours.

I left tired but happy. Huge thanks to everyone for looking after me so beautifully. And to Donna & Simon, thank you so much for the beautiful flowers (below) and for being such a lovely couple to work for. Great to see you this morning, looking so healthy & happy.

Good luck with everything and do stay in touch!

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