Jorgensen Albums

Today I had the pleasure of delivering a set of four albums to Emily & Ed who got married last year.

They chose a large leather-bound panoramic album in chocolate brown and opted to have exact replicas made for both sets of Parents. Emily also thought that a smaller replica to take into work would be a good idea and it's gorgeous (very cute at only 7x5"). The three additional albums were covered in a deep beige leather to differentiate them from the main one which I thought was a lovely touch.

This was the first time that I put a set of four together and they looked so good that I just had to take a photograph. They are quite simply stunning & I highly recommend this option if you don't have time to put your own albums together.

At the moment I use Jorgensen albums exclusively and they are superb. They help to tell the story of the day and the final presentation is fresh and classic.

Another bride who received her album recently told me that her friends have been telling her that it's the best album they have ever seen. High praise indeed!

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