Photographing Photographers

This week I've had the pleasure of hanging out with two very different photographers and couldn't resist taking their portraits. It's sometimes a little intimidating taking pictures of other professionals - you get this silly feeling that they're thinking, 'that's not how I would do it...' And of course that's not at all what they think at all - rather, they worry about all the usual things... laughter lines, is their smile right, is their hair all over the place and so on (i.e. pretty much the same as me.)

The upside is that they know it can take time to settle in to a sitting - a cup of tea or coffee is always a good start. And a good gossip always helps. People often say to me 'but I'm not photogenic', but I've yet to find someone who hasn't been pleased with their result. It just takes patience, kindness, a sense of humour and a bit of effort.

These two were a breeze though - I didn't have to try out any of my terrible jokes on them, thank goodness. They just got on with it and I really like the very different results.

The dark and hidden feeling gives the first one a sense of intrigue - what's he thinking & why, is he a moody character or just playing serious for the camera?

And the lightness and gentleness of the second one I find beautiful. Both thoughful and elegant.

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