Adult Portfolios

I am often asked to provide a portfolio of shots for adults who need images for a variety of uses. These include:
  1. Work - publicity shots for web and brochure (especially good for self-employed where personal service really matters).
  2. Family - women (in particular) spend so much time with their children and careers/jobs that they don't have the time (and sometimes the inclination!) to have a gorgeous shot done of themselves. This is an opportunity to glam up a bit and have some fun with a variety of outfits and poses inside and out.
  3. Just You - a shot done just for you to remind you that you're still looking pretty good!
Typically we'll do a couple of hours outside followed by a studio session where you might have three changes of outfit - business, smart casual, evening. The results will reflect you and your personality and it really is great fun.

Take this example below:

We did some natural and relaxed shots outside and a couple of days later in the studio for the more business like and glamorous shots. I like that we have captured such a great mix. Here you'll see images that will work brilliantly for work (approachable, friendly, open, relaxed), some lovely family pictures for children and parents, a killer shot for husband's birthday (tomorrow!) and finally one shot that we both agree totally reflects this person.

It's great fun for me too because it allows me more time to learn about the subject. I've met lots of incredibly interesting and talented people over the last two years doing this kind of work - I'm very lukcy indeed.

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