Beatrice's Day Out - Family Portrait Photography in the South East

I do love it when I get to meet children of my wedding couples and Beatrice was no exception. She was just one of the funniest and interesting toddlers I've had in the studio. She is fascinated by everything and really likes to dive straight into things. I just love the shots of her playing with Mummy's beads and she was just so funny when she was doing this - she kept on (very sweetly) handing me a bangle which made actually getting a shot quite hard, but I wasn't complaining. I'm a sucker for gifts even if I have to give them straight back!

Luckily Emily had brought in a book to read and although Beatrice wasn't initially interested once the bunnies were lined up and listening that swung it...

And finally I tried a few including Ed and I am thrilled that we got this happy, smiley one. It's VERY Beatrice.

Thanks for coming in and hope that your family lunch was good. [And congratulations again on your news - really thrilling! xxx]

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