Emma Duggan & Katie - Portrait Photography, East Grinstead (West Sussex)

You are not going to believe this but below is a photo of Emma Duggan...

I was so excited when Emma contacted me because it's always been a dream of mine to photograph lots of Emma Duggans. I know that there are lots of interesting Emma Duggans in the UK including:

  • A chef (who is making great waves)
  • A funeral director
  • A museum conservationist (who I think studied a similar degree to mine - I did Archaeology BA Hons at Newcastle)
  • A hat maker & all round creative genius
  • A teacher (who actually teaches my Brother's godson in London)

Initially these are my key 'would like to photograph' Emma Duggans so please do contact me to arrange a meeting. I really would love to hear from as many as possible in 2011.

Anyway, back to this Emma Duggan, I loved working with her and Katie who kept me on my creative toes plus were fabulous in terms of outfits and make-up. Emma has since taken up photography as a serious hobby but she is very creative so it doesn't surprise me at all.

Katie was less keen to be in front of the camera but I made the poor girl and I think she did brilliantly.

It was a really fun session you two and huge thanks for coming along. What a hoot!

Happy Christmas and hopefully meet up again in the future. xxx

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