Emma & Andrew and Introducing Allegra - Family Portrait Photography in Crawley (West Sussex)

I was so excited when Emma-Jane & Andrew came in with Allegra because the last time I had seen them was when I delivered their wedding album. There is nothing I enjoy more than photographing babies and children of my wedding clients. It means that they are totally used to the way that I work and are happy to try out new ideas.

With the family shot I wanted to move away from the 'everyone sat on the floor' option and thought that this rather old-fashioned pose would look cool because of the contemporary clothing (plus I LOVED Emma's boots so wanted them to be very visible). I really like it's elegance.

And here's a gorgeous one of Andrew & Allegra - we did some with Andrew's face lit but I actually prefer this one where his face is in relative darkness compared to Allegra's well-lit face. Andrew is off to Afghanistan with the Army and I love the strength of this shot. It's very emotional.

And finally the one of Allegra propped up in the chair is my favourite from the whole shoot because of the look on her face. Us three rushing around like crazy people with her looking unimpressed by our idiotic behaviour.

You guys have a very beautiful daughter and all the best for your tour. Much love for Christmas. xx

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